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Stakeholders Advocate for the Continuation of Mawuko Afadzinu’s Leadership in Ghana Table Tennis

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Mawuko Afadzinu, the incumbent President of the Ghana Table Tennis Association (GTTA), has garnered strong support from a multitude of table tennis enthusiasts, including fans, players, and coaches, who ardently champion his continued tenure.

His leadership, they opined, has propelled the sport in Ghana to new heights, notably evidenced by the successful hosting of an international tournament involving West African nations. This event not only showcased the burgeoning talent of junior players but also bolstered the sport’s prestige and reach.

Many players, several of whom represent the national team, laud Afadzinu for his instrumental role in elevating Ghana’s international standing. In addition to his pivotal position as the First Vice President of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), Afadzinu’s influence on the global stage has been acknowledged.

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Critics who call for his removal, lack the credibility of being actively involved in table tennis events in recent years and remain unrecognized within the sport’s community.

The founder of the Asoba Table Tennis Foundation concurred, asserting that some detractors seek to tarnish Afadzinu’s reputation unjustly, emphasizing that he has performed admirably as a sports administrator. He further emphasized that Afadzinu has facilitated the participation of junior players in training programs with the African Table Tennis Federation and International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

Mawuko Afadzinu, President of the Ghana Table Tennis Association
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An insightful sports journalist commended Afadzinu’s efforts, citing his adept administration and effective public relations. The journalist also noted the considerable support from sponsors for the West African Championship, highlighting the provision of food coupons as a testament to Afadzinu’s successful sponsorship endeavors.

Another media professional lamented a perceived tendency among Ghanaians to overlook achievements, opining that Afadzinu’s tenure has attracted much-needed sponsors to the sport and improved media and public relations.

When interviewed, Afadzinu, with characteristic humility, refrained from elaborating but hinted at a forthcoming roadmap for the upcoming elections later in the year. He expressed confidence that those deeply immersed in the sport recognize his contributions.

Reports suggested Elliot Agyare of Smartline of Emefs table tennis club is set to contest the incumbent when the roadmap is cleared.

Elliot Agyare
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