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Table Tennis Players call for Retainment of Mawuko Afadzinu

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The playing body of the Ghana Table Tennis Association has called for an immediate retainment of their President Mawuko Afadzinu.

According to them they were not aware of any meeting whatsoever and do not even know majority of the concerned group.

How can people who have not step foot in table tennis event both here in Ghana come and dictate for us. Majority of the Concern groups, we the playing body, from Cadet, juniors and the senior division do not even know them or who they represent.

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How can a Regional chairman who have been in power for twelve good years without a single tournament, with a zero support since they took over as regional chairman even before Mawuko attained his presidential seat decide for we the players who should be our president.

Some of the regional chairmen do not even have contacts of their own Regional players let alone knowing them. They cannot boast of a single table tennis centre in their region. Yet are holding a meeting to take over a national position.

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We the playing body want those men to tell us what exactly they have done for the game. What transformation they have done in their various regions and they want to dictate for us.

Some have not even been able to manage their table tennis clubs as patrons for the past four years but want to be a national executive.

The Game is developing and we would not allow selfish greedy unknown persons to come and dictate for us.

President Mawuko is still our president. Anyone that wants to be president should come out and tell us what they have done for the growth of our lovely sport.


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