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Restoring Ghana Black Stars on the African soccer map –Hon Wilson Arthur drops great ideas

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The President of Skyy FC who double as the Chairman of the MTN FA Cup Committee Chairman Hon. Wilson Arthur has added his voice on the poor performance of Ghana Football and suggested great ideas to enable Ghana football restored for success.

Below is what he writes:

Making Ghana Football great and strong again.

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My proposal to Ghana Government is to establish the Sports Fund to raise special purpose funds to invest $100m in Grassroot Football clubs, Division One (DOL)and Premier league (PL) over 5yrs.

I know you would raise red flag that all the beneficiary grassroot clubs, the 48 DOL clubs and 18 PL clubs are privately owned.

Given the potential and importance of Football to this nation, we must use venture capital approach to empower our Football economy and pass on the public asset interest after the 5yrs to Corporate or Private Investors.
The outcome would include creating more Mohammed Kudu’s who could end up in Europe for $50m plus each in transfer income for the club and the State. Capacities would have been built to develop more human capital and create jobs and spread prosperity across the nation.

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The national teams belong to the nation so sector ministry must continue funding it and taking care of coaching staff in cooperation with GFA.

Sports fund will enable clubs to pay top grade competitively and boost fans attendance at match centers. Advertising and sponsorship incomes will improve and clubs and national teams with solid local stars will begin to dominate at CAF n FIFA levels.

We must cut the ministry spending on protocol fans, media and other groups.

Corporate private sources of funding may be considered going forward. When the football economy booms with sport fund injection, it will attract Advertisers income.

After GFA forms the national teams, the team must take a national tour to face regional top players team put together by media and regional coaches so compare their quality with others and ensure the team is truly our best collection of talents available.

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