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INTERVIEW: Q&A with US- based Ghanaian Striker Alhassan Rafiatu, her days at Northern Ladies and current form at US

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Ghana’s fastest growing Sports news portal (GSN) had a one on one with Navarro College Women’s Soccer stirker and Captain Alhassan Rafiatu (AR)  in a long telephone interview.

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Rafiatu, Northern Ladies youth star is now in the anchor of the USA side, Navarro College Soccer team.

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Rafiatu spoke about her life in USA, his current form, compared the United States games to Ghana Women’s League, combined football with education and her view on Black Queens.

GSN: good morning Rafiatu and how are you doing?

AR : good morning, I’m good

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GSN: How have been coping in USA from Ghana

AR: We are doing great but this virus will not let us, but we coping though just that we are being careful.

GSN: How do you combined football with education?

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AR :Combining soccer and education is a very good opportunity for me but is not easy as we see it because sometimes you will wake up early go to practice comes back tied and then you have to go to class and all that. But is good to be a graduate as a player.

GSN: Who is your idol in Football?

AR : Asisat Oshoala, I really like her and watches her games.

GSN: Which country are u likely to move to after your education in USA?

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AR :I really like to play professionally, if I get a team here in the state to play that won’t be bad for me but I will prefer to go to one of the Europeans country.

GSN : Will you combined both education and Football or you will choose one?

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AR :I will combine the two because is helps a lot, like I said earlier it’s not easy as we see it but we will get there.

GSN : You have played in Ghana since you were a teenager during your youth age. Comparing Ghana and US, how do you rate the school league?

AR :Since I haven’t play any tournament yet and I’m still waiting to start playing for the school next year, I will say Ghana we are talented comparing some friendly games I played here. Playing here is better than Ghana.

GSN: Despite your wonderful Football, you have never earned a call up to represent Ghana at any level. Does it worry you something?

AR :Oh!! I have been called for maidens for so many times but injuries don’t let me. But all the same we still giving Allah the glory and still hoping for the best.And then I’m not worried because my dad always tells me there is time for everything so I think my time will surely come.

GSN: I know you will surely be happy to earn a Ghana call up but how soon do you expect the call up?

AR :I will be happy to represent my country. And then I expect it as soon as possible.

GSN: Have you been following Ghana Women’s Premier league? Want do you think about the league?

AR : Oh yes I have been following Ghana women’s premier league, and compare this time to those times I think the GFA president is doing a great job, and my mates are also doing good as well.

GSN: The Ghanaian Women’s Premier league is about to start, any message for your team mates, Northern Ladies team?

AR: I really love the team and then it always hurt me to play not even one game for them in the league before leaving them, as I said Allah knows best and then am supporting them and praying for them as well, With teamwork we can so they should prepare and go in with their whole to help the team.

GSN: You are getting ready for training/ school so we will bid you good bye. Thanks for your time.

AR: Ok you welcome, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate it.

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