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Yassir International Foundation donates stationery to Amoraf Basic School

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Yassir International Foundation (YIF), a non-governmental organisation in collaboration with Asohom has donated a stationery to Amoraf Science and Technology School to enhance teaching and learning.
The donated items include Text books, Note and Exercise Books, Mathematical sets, Pens, colored pencils, erasers and a bag of rice.

Mr. Seidu Yassir, Founder of YIF, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that the donations were to alleviate the plight of young girls in the Zongo communities to access education.
He said, “we came with the intention that we want to support only five children but when we came, we met more than five children that really need some help so we are looking forward of coming back to assist the others as well.”

“Though we can’t solve every problem we will at least bring down the situation and sooner we will be dealing with the Ghana Education Science soon.”other  items and handed them over to the headmaster and the girls.

He said, “for a long time we have been here helping the able, disabled, and orphans, without any support but today, we thanked YIF who came to our aid.

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He added, “our children most of them are orphans, some of their parents cannot afford to pay anything so the school has chosen to help those girls who cannot afford to go to school and are sitting home.”

Mrs. Memuna Vanderpure one of the parents also thanked the foundation for the kind gesture.

She said, “We thank Yassir Foundation for the donation we pray that God continue to bless them so they continue to support us and the other needy.”

She said, “these days it was very hard to purchased book but with this donation it would go far because it came at a right time.”

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