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Title: Immigration FC’s Remarkable Journey to the Greater Accra Regional Division Two Middle League

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Immigration FC has made history by achieving a clean slate from 26 league matches in the 2023/2024 Greater Accra Division two League, securing a spot in the coveted Greater Accra Regional Division Two middle league. This remarkable feat is a testament to the team’s dedication, hard work, and unwavering passion for the beautiful game.

Throughout their journey, Immigration FC faced formidable opponents, but their resilience and determination propelled them forward. They demonstrated a keen ability to adapt and overcome challenges, showcasing their prowess in both attack and defense.

Here are the results by match week:

First Round:
– Week 1: Immigration FC 1-1 Charity Stars FC
– Week 2: Thunder AFC 1-2 Immigration FC
– Week 3: Immigration FC 1-1 Cedar Stars FC
– Week 4: United Talents FC 1-2 Immigration FC
– Week 5: Immigration FC 4-0 Prestige FC
– Week 6: Dansoman Professional 0-2 Immigration FC
– Week 7: Immigration FC 3-0 Ababraka Elders FC
– Week 8: M.S.K Zilina FC 3-2 Immigration FC
– Week 9: Immigration FC 2-0 Golden Strikers
– Week 10: Best XI FC 2-4 Immigration FC
– Week 11: Immigration FC 2-2 Banana Inn FC
– Week 12: NewLife FC 0-1 Immigration FC
– Week 13: Immigration FC 4-1 Soccer Bridge FC

Second Round:
– Week 14: Charity Stars 0-0 Immigration FC
– Week 15: Immigration FC 3-1 Thunder AFC
– Week 16: Cedar Stars FC 0-3 Immigration FC
– Week 17: Immigration FC 3-1 United Talents FC
– Week 18: Prestige FC 1-0 Immigration FC
– Week 19: Immigration FC 1-0 Dansoman Professional FC
– Week 20: Ababraka Elders FC 1-1 Immigration FC
– Week 21: Immigration FC 0-3 M.S.K Zilina FC
– Week 22: Golden Strikers 1-2 Immigration FC
– Week 23: Immigration FC 3-1 Best XI FC
– Week 24: Banana Inn FC 0-2 Immigration FC
– Week 25: Immigration FC 1-0 NewLife FC
– Week 26: Soccer Bridge FC 2-1 Immigration FC

One of the highlights of their campaign was their thrilling 1-0 victory over second-place NewLife FC, which cemented their position in the playoffs. This win exemplified the team’s ability to perform under pressure and their unwavering commitment to their goal.

Immigration FC’s success can be attributed to their well-structured team dynamics, astute tactics, and the guidance of their experienced coaching staff. The team’s statistics in Zone Three speak volumes about their impressive performance: they scored an impressive number of goals, conceded few, and accumulated a substantial number of points from 26 matches.

As they embark on their new challenge in the Greater Accra Regional Division Two middle league, Immigration FC is poised to make a significant impact. Their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers and teams, demonstrating that with perseverance and teamwork, anything is possible.

We wish Immigration FC the best of luck in their future endeavors and look forward to witnessing their continued success in the world of football.

Some of the stats of Immigration FC is seen below;

Total Win: 18

Draws: 4

Defeats: 4

Goals scored: 52

Goals conceded: 22

Total Clean sheets: 10

Home matches played: 13

Home wins: 9

Draw: 3

Defeats: 1

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Away matches played: 13

Away Wins: 9

Draw: 1

Defeats: 3

Total Accumulated points: 58

Position: 1st

Club’s top Scorers chart:

1. Sherif Nartey: 15

2. Jonathan Mantey: 10

3. George Armah: 9

4. Raymond Boateng: 8


1. Sherif Natey: 5

2. Augustus Nyarko: 3

3. Benjamin Amoah: 3

4. Stephen Asamoah : 3

5. Ollenu Ashitey: 2

6. George Armah: 2

7. Jonathan Mantey: 1


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