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Sheikh Tophic Sienu writes: SRC recommendations not a finality

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The Ghana Football Association (GFA) set up a committee to review the statutes of the association following calls by their own members.


At the Elective Congress in 2019, members themselves mooted the idea that they accept recommendations from the then Dr. KOFI Amoah led administration so they can have their association. Then they themselves can review the statutes when they finally recapture their own association.

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So last year, the FA named a committee, led by Dr. Randy Abbey to review the statutes.

The Committee

Dr. Randy Abbey – Chairman
Naa Odofoley Nortey – Vice
Frederick Acheampong
Chief Oppong
Oloboi Commodore


The FA announced the Committee has submitted their recommendations on Monday pending approvals through a process.

The Process

Firstly the committee was to submit their report to the FA. They have submitted.

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Secondly, the GFA is to submit the SRC Report to FIFA for consideration. If FIFA accepts the recommendations, then we enter the final phase.

Finally, the GFA will table the SRC recommendations which have been accepted by FIFA at Congress for voting. They can be accepted or rejected.

These are the facts!

So oh nore anyone who says the FA set up the committee to change the tenure of office of the president. The power lies with Congress. Even if the recommendations of the SRC include changing the tenure of office of the president, the power lies in the bosom of congress to accept or reject.

So let’s calm down and go through the process.

In any case; let’s assume the tenure of office of the president has been altered as being reported by some people. Who does it favour? Does it favour Kurt E. S. Okraku as a person or the Presidency as an institution.

Claims are that Kurt will be a one term president. (In Sha Allah this will NOT happen)

Assuming without admitting that this is true, why then are people worried? Wouldn’t it be an advantage for whoever is to take over as president?

The hypocritical aspect of the whole thing is that the same people whining like pregnant donkeys about these false claims hailed Samuel Eto’o for changing the tenure of office for the Cameroon FA Presidency to three terms of seven years each from a 4-year single term.

Anyway, let the system run by itself. The SRC recommendations will go to FIFA through to Congress before acceptance or rejection.

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