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Samuel Kwame Boadu Advocates for Mental Health Support in Women’s Football in Ghana

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During a recent skill training event organized by SamBoad Business Group Limited and sponsored by Priority Insurance Company, Samuel Kwame Boadu, the Founder of Samboad and Digital Marketing Consultant at Berry Ladies Football Club, delivered a compelling speech urging for increased support for mental health in women’s football in Ghana. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by female athletes, particularly in the realm of mental well-being, Samuel emphasized the importance of addressing this issue to ensure the holistic development and success of women in sports.

In his address, Samuel Kwame Boadu underscored the significance of mental health in athletics, highlighting its profound impact on performance, resilience, and overall well-being. He stressed that while physical training is essential in sports, mental fitness is equally vital, especially in high-pressure environments such as competitive football.
Drawing attention to the specific needs of women footballers, Mr. Boadu noted the additional stressors and societal pressures they often face, including gender stereotypes, discrimination, and balancing athletic careers with other responsibilities. He emphasized that neglecting mental health in this context not only jeopardizes individual players’ welfare but also undermines the progress of women’s football as a whole.

The Digital Marketing Consultant at Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy called for collaborative efforts from stakeholders within the sports industry, including federations, clubs, coaches, and sponsors, to prioritize mental health support for female athletes. He proposed initiatives such as mental health awareness campaigns, access to counseling services, and training programs aimed at building psychological resilience and coping skills.

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As a proponent of holistic well-being, Samuel highlighted the role of corporate entities like Priority Insurance in championing mental health initiatives within the sports community. He encouraged companies to invest in programs that promote the mental wellness of athletes and contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive sporting environment in Ghana.

In conclusion, Samuel’s impassioned plea for mental health support in women’s football in Ghana resonated with Berry Ladies FC attendees of the skill-training event, igniting a sense of urgency and commitment to action. His advocacy serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring stakeholders to work together towards ensuring that female footballers in Ghana receive the care and resources they need to thrive both on and off the field.

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