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MyHealthCop Launches Innovative Digital Platform to combat lifestyle diseases, unhealthy diets and physical inactivity in Ghana, Africa

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There is a global surge in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), driven by unhealthy diets and physical inactivity. The lack of knowledge or engagement in preventive healthcare practices has sparked urgent calls for action worldwide. In response, we present, MyHealthCop: Revolutionising, Preventive Healthcare in Ghana and Beyond.

Born and Bred in Ghana for Ghana, Africa and Beyond.

A dedicated team of 50 passionate young Ghanaians, in collaboration with a talented outsourced team from, Ukraine, US, and India, joined forces to bring forth an innovative product, designed to revolutionise the health and wellness industry in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

Spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Kwasi Tabury, and after an extensive discussion with some prominent industry players, a decision was made to embark on an ambitious journey to make Health and Wellness through preventive measures, accessible and affordable for all, through the Myhealthcop Platform.

About MyHealthCop

MyHealthCop is a Mission led health technology company dedicated to revolutionising the health and wellness industry in Ghana, Africa, and beyond. Our innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to empower individuals to live healthier, stronger, and longer lives.

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The platform offers personalized health assessments, monitoring tools, educational resources, remote health monitoring capabilities, and a supportive community, enabling users to lead healthier lives and prevent the onset of chronic conditions.

With a commitment to preventive healthcare, MyHealthCop aims to reduce the burden on healthcare systems, revolutionize healthcare and improve overall population health through the MyHealthCop App.

Our Educational Wing – Institute of Wellness Exercise Science (iWES)
In the quest of properly structuring the health and wellness industry, iWES, the educational wing of MyHealthCop seeks to better equip professionals to be able to prescribe Preventive Healthcare as Medicine. It also seeks to provide them with employable skills, entrepreneurial mindset and seeks to create employment opportunities through the MyHealthCop Pro App.

Giving back to our Communities Through the MYHEALTHCOP FOUNDATION (A Call To Do Good)
Empowering communities through preventive health initiatives, education, and more, the MYHEALTHCOP FOUNDATION is a non-profit force for positive change. In Ghana, Africa, and beyond, we promote healthy living, wellness, environmental protection, education, and financial inclusion. With a responsibility to do good and create social inclusion, a percentage of our revenue generated from Myhealthcop and iWES, as well as Donations from partners, are used to run its activities.

Download the Myhealthcop app today and embark on your personalized journey to optimal well-being.

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