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How Berry Ladies FC beat Ridge City FC 3-1 to Cement Top 4 in Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League

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Berry Ladies FC have beaten Ridge City FC 3-1, a result that cemented them in the Top 4 in the Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League.

Berry Ladies FC were dominant in the first half, with Victoria Salifu scoring twice and Comfort Yeboah sealing it with a third.

Ridge City FC pulled one back in the second half, but they rarely looked like mounting a full comeback.

Berry Ladies FC have won their two last matches to end the 2022/2023 Malta Guinness Women’s Premiere League.

Coach Freeman has promised that Victoria Salifu and Elizabeth Linking Boateng will get more games for Berry Ladies FC in the coming months.

Speaking to Berry Ladies FC media team after the match, Elizabeth Linking, Victoria Salifu and Hannah Buabeng showed dominance and positive throughout the game.

Here is what Coach Freeman Amponsah said to the media team of Berry Ladies FC..

On how Elizabeth Boateng Linking performed…

She looked ready, she looked fresh, she looked really determined and with a bit of low confidence. She’s been getting better and better every single day, not only in training but her interaction and her body language. She’s more settled and she’s a player that I really like, that’s why we added her to the team. She has the potential at her age to be great and she had a big task against the players she had to face today, and I think she did really well.

On if today’s result gives renewed energy to the team ahead of our trip to Champions cup/ Super Cup…

Winning gives us a reset, playing the way we play, given the team that we are and win the game. Obviously, that gives you confidence, comfort and makes it better for you tomorrow when you start to prepare for other matches.

On what Hannah Buabeng (Hannah Esi Dodoo) brought to the team today…

What she brings every single day in training: leadership, intelligence, capacity to control the game, the way she communicates with people, the quality that she brings, the level of attention, the experience because she’s been in many situations like these before. That’s just the way she plays.

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On if it’s easier to focus for the task at hand following all the build-up to the Champions Cup/ Super Cup…

Yes, that chapter 2022/2023 Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League is gone. The one for today, will be gone tomorrow morning. We have to focus on the next one that is Champions Cup/Super Cup and how we’re going to prepare to win those games.

On whether Regina Donkor and Comfort Yeboah set the tone for today…

Yes, but I think they’ve done on that many occasions throughout the season. The energy that they have, when they haven’t got the ball, their movements, their defensive quality, the way they are in that dressing room is exceptional. We’re really pleased to have them as our supportive back allowing Martha Appiah to move freely now.

On whether the players have belief the top 4 cup title race isn’t over…

For sure. We discussed that. We are at the top 4 right now, we have games to play I think from August or September this year. We have to prepare for that after a short break. Let’s see what happens, what we can control is to win our matches, and to do that we have to perform as well as possible.

On whether it would have been easy to drop their heads now…

We cannot do that. To be in the position we are in after ten months, against the team we are fighting, being there and having the opportunity today to be top 4, we’re not going to allow anybody not to talk about it and not to feel it. We have to enjoy, and we have to embrace it, and we have to maximize the opportunity we have because we don’t know what’s going to happen this champions cup/ Super Cup and next season.

On what he’s learnt during this intense period…

How great it is to win a football match. The feeling that I have right now is nothing like that. Going to the dressing room and feeling that energy, there is nothing like it. Everything that we go through is positive and negative, is worth it when you have moments like that. But anything, it’s just being next to them in the difficult moments, they deserve everything from us. The way they try, sometimes it was better than other times, but they fully deserve our full support.

Queens of Madina

Berry Ladies FC have gone unbeaten in Madina derbies in this years Malta Guinness Women’s Premier League season.


Supportive Source: Berry Ladies FC

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