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GFA And Aqua Blue Natural Mineral Water Officially Ink 1-Year Sponsorship Deal

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The Ghana Football Association (GFA) and Akoa Beverages, producers of Aqua Blue Natural Mineral signed a one-year sponsorship deal as the the official water partner of the association.

The partnership was officially announced at an event held at the GFA Secretariat on Thursday, November 9.

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According to Kurt Okraku, the President of the Ghana Football Association, Aqua Blue Natural Mineral Water will provide water to all the various National teams and staff of the Association.

“Am very excited because most people here present and beyond do not know the quantum of money the FA spends in buying of water for all staffs and for all our 12 National teams” .

Our footballers both the male and females need water. When you engaged in any physical activity, you will appreciate the need of water. If our players don’t have enough water, they can’t give us the highly performances that we demand of them .

For us us at the FA, we are very happy to have a company that believes not only my leadership but believe in the leadership of Ghana football to the extent that, they want to invest their money and their resources into our Ghanaian game”, Kurt Okraku on the one year partnership.

CEO of Aqua Blue Natural Mineral Water Shadrach Akoenyenu, highlighted the deal and explained why they teamed up with the Ghana Football Association.

We are joining the Ghana Football Association as the official water partner for the next one year. Is truly a proud and honour at AKOA Beverage Limited.

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As the CEO, am so happy to share our collaboration with the Ghana Football Association. We believe the partnership is not just about providing water but also about fostering a sense of togetherness and unity through the beautiful game of football,”.

The CEO added , ” Akoa Beverages, a wholly Ghanaian-owned company, we consider ourselves as good co- operation citizens and we are committed fortune through Ghanaian values . Our partnership with the Ghana Football Association is a testament and dedication to promoting unity in the spirit of sponsorship within our our country. We believe in the potential of our sport in thst direction. To marks the beginning in a new chapter for Aqoa Natural Mineral Water. As we embark on this excited journey, the the Ghana Football Association.

Let come together to celebrate the beautiful game of football and the refreshing taste of Aqoa Blue and we look forward for an amazing partnership with the GFA”.

The new partnership is expected to expire in November 2024.

About our company AKOA Beverages Limited

AKOA Beverages Limited (ABvL) is a Beverage manufacturing company currently producing purified water, carbonated soft drinks and Energy drinks. It was incorporated in 2018 and started full production in June 2019.

Aqua Blue Natural Mineral Water
Water is life! Our water “AQUA BLUE” is synonymous with pure, healthy drinking water made possible by our rigorous and uncompromising quality standards that are based on an international standard purification process and technologies associated with water treatment.

These include deionization and reverse osmosis amongst other filtration methods in addition to healthy minerals for consumption. “Aqua Blue” natural mineral water currently, is filled in a 500ml bottle then packed in a transparent handy and easy shrink pack of 15.

The sachet comes in pouches of 30 per bag. Both the bottled and sachet water is sourced and packaged hygienically from carefully selected sites in the Adamorobe valley along the Dodowa highway.

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