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Conspirators Exposed as supposed signatories of Dubious Petition Claim Deceit, Angrily demand Retraction From Perpetrators

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Players and stakeholders in the Ghana Table Tennis Federation(GTTF) have demanded immediate apology and retraction after a decietful petition was cooked against the Federation President, Mr Mawuko Afadzinu.

The disappointed players and officials of the Federation distanced themselves from a machinated and failed attempt at evicting their president, describing the process as dishonest, contrived, and without substance.

A team of conspirators within the federation deceptively assembled signatures of some players and officials demanding the eviction of Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu as president of the Federation.

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Kwaku Frimpong Adjei Second vice president

The conspirators, identified as Kwaku Frimpong Adjei ( 2nd National Vice President) who continues to illegitimately hold himself as Ashanti Regional President, Samuel K Agyepong (aka Akiola) and Abraham Aidoo ( appointed as interim Chairman in 2017, with a mandate to conduct elections by 2020. He has, in 6 years, organised 2 low-key events for table tennis athletes). Kwaku Frimpong Adjei and Samuel Agyapong, aka Akiola, reportedly deceived some members into providing their signatures for election purposes only to be used for a machinated petition.

Pictures of Mr Samuel Agyepong (Akiola). Going round collecting signatures


Responding to the petition, some of the signatories denied endorsing any such content but that they only provided those signatures on different grounds.

One of the signatories in the supposed petition eulogized the feat chalked by Mr. Mawuko Afadzinu, describing the president’s tenure as historic.

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With the key stakeholders in Ghana Table Tennis Federation openly denying knowledge of the petition, the question is, what motivated this kind of malicious petition? Watchers and stakeholders are intrigued to know how much of these shenanigans and mudslinging is due to the fear of the soon to be conducted regional elections and the accountability that comes with that? And how is driven by the inordinate ambition of a small cabal to take over in pursuit of their parochial and limited interests.

A rebuttal from one the players on the eviction article is seen below:

Hello Martin

I’ve taken interest in your article and publication. The write up is very insightful and interesting with a captivating headline. Permit me to peruse the information and share some insights on the allegations as stated in your publication.
Dictator: By what definition is Mawuko classified as such? He has been the BEST Leader and best administration ever for Ghana Table Tennis. If your source of information has any better person in terms of leadership in the past and present, kindly share.
A Democratic leader that has regular discussions with the playing body and with his leadership skills, overlooked the insults from players and trainers. A feat never seen in Ghana Table Tennis.
Constitution: Have you personally seen the constitution and the dictates in it? You may have to do thorough assimilation on this one. There’s different between a draft and final work.
Retrogressing Sports: How you came about this is puzzling. There is no lesser known sports in Ghana currently that can compete with the progress choked by Mawuko’s administration. It’s a fact and you may have to do further digging with NSA.
Achievements by Mawuko is unending and all the past President’s achievements put together will not reach 70% of what he has achieved. If progress is DICTATORSHIP, then Mawuko is a DICTATOR.
Association: It’s the rationality and nature of humans to associate with likeminded. There’s no crime in that area, however, there’s an illusion there too. Investigate for facts.
Group of individuals attacking Mawuko’s personality and integrity to leave. Yes and it’s a fact. NOTE: Majority wishes Mawuko leads for the next 20years to bring the paradigm needed.

As much as possible, you may need to do much research next time you have an opportunity to publish an article on this game.

As always said, the best form of defense is to attack. The attack has suffice indicating strong defense“.

More to follow….

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