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Avenor Youth Group Eulogies Selected Heroes of the Land

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The sown seed has begun bearing fruits!

It is said that some people are born to succeed and with kind and loving heart, whatever the hero of our time Hon. Bernard Ahiafor MP for Akatsi South is determined to do, success is assured.

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We can recall his meticulous efforts to develop the youth of Avenor through Sports, Apprenticeship and Education.

Akatsi All Stars, a football team which is for the people of Avenor has come to stay.

It all began when Hon. Bernard Ahiafor envisaged the need to develop the skills the youth possess in Sports. This he started by organising a competitive football match on electoral bases and donated Sports equipment such as sets of football, sets of jerseys etc to all the participating teams.

Winners from the various electoral areas met and played final match at Akatsi, and awards were given to the best team and other participating teams as well.

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A technical team was engaged by the member of Parliament to select the quality players from these matches, after which Hon. Ahiafor to our surprise managed to buy second division slot to form division 2 football team named *”AKATSI ALL-STARS”*

He being a lawyer and man of principle, he followed the law and other football regulations and duly registered and legalized the team AKATSI ALL-STARS with himself, Torgbuiga Dorglo Anumah the paramount chief of Avenor, and Mr. Kwaku Joseph Hogle (Hungo) being the registered patrons of the team.

In all these, though some people were as usual through diabolical and political ways and means to crush this effort, the gentleman Hon. Bernard Ahiafor was determined and stood firm. At a point, some of us thought he would give up. He rather held the bull by the horn and repositioned anyone at where he or she fits best.

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His cash supports to the team is immeasurable.

This gentleman knows one can not do it lone, so he works with very devoted persons like Mr. Anthony Adoteivi (Solo) as the chairman, Worfa Peter and Coach Dorkenu to constitute the management team.

Today Avenor in history can boast of Division One team, that’s Akatsi All-Stars.

It is true who God bless, no one curse. And just as in the Holy Book, God himself annointed his leaders, so is Hon. Bernard Ahiafor annointed.

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We have come to realize that whatever our MP is involved and determined to do, nothing but success is the result.

We the Concerned Youth of Avenor, and Young Citizens for Accountable Governance cease this opportunity to thank our member of parliament, the management, the technical team, the players, the supporters and the entire Akatsi South for making this history. The Trophy is lifted and Avenor land in the Avenor Traditional Area of the Avenor Traditional Council is proud.

We pray for God’s abundant blessing for everyone and more special one to our treasure “adzagba” Hon. Bernard Ahiafor.

Long Live Akatsi All-Stars!

Long Live Avenor!!

God Bless Us All!!

©️Johnson Samlafo

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