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UPDATED: Personality Profile: meet the Co-owner of Ridge City Football Club Women Cleopatra Nsiah Nketiah Ewuraawdjoa

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Cleopatra Nsiah Nketiah is the co-owner of a women’s football club in Accra, Ghana called Ridge City Football Club Women. Through Ridge City Football Club Women, Cleopatra has begun to help change the landscape of women’s football in Ghana.

The goal of Ridge City Football Club Women is to develop and promote women and girls football in Ghana and to encourage more females to participate in football and eventually take up the playing and management of football as a full time career.

Ridge City Football Club Women was also established to ensure that women who have a passion for sports, football in particular, get
the opportunity to become the next generation of sports leaders and champion the game in

Cleopatra’s women’s football club has been instrumental in the revamp of the Greater Accra
Regional Football Association’s Women’s Special Competition.

Ridge City Football Club Women is the first and only football club in Ghana, male or female to live-stream not just it’s training sessions but also all of it’s matches on the online football streaming platform, MyCujoo. This is one of the many ways in which Cleopatra is succeeding in highlighting
women’s football in Ghana to the international community as well as providing easy access
to watching women’s football made in Ghana.

The club is also very active on social media. Due to her hard work put into establishing the club, Ridge City Football Club Women was chosen and profiled by Total “Football Together” during the 2018 Women’s African Cup of Nations held in Accra, Ghana.

The profile video threw a spotlight on the club and all if it’s achievement in enriching the lives of its players. The club was also featured on the
Instagram page of FIFA Women’s Football as their team of the week.

Cleopatra, who is also an athlete and a footballer, has broadened her horizons by taking football management educational courses and programs, organised by the Johan Cruyff Institute in Barcelona.

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She has had the opportunity to meet and maintain a relationship with key persons from institutions such as FIFA, UEFA, Ajax and FC Barcelona.

Cleopatra is currently a board member of the Ghana Football Association’s (GFA) Ghana
Women’s Premier League Management Committee which manages all of women’s football
and development in Ghana as well as the women’s premier league. Cleopatra also serves as
a board member on the Greater Accra Regional Football Association Women’s Division One
League Management Committee which focuses on football at the grassroots levels in the
Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

Cleopatra recently won the 40 Under 40 Awards for Sports in Ghana, where her hardwork
and achievements in women’s football in Ghana was recognised.

Cleopatra earns a living as a lawyer. She has established and is the Managing Attorney of her
own law practice in Accra called N Nketiah Law where she uses her legal expertise to drive
home the vision of full sporting inclusion for the women’s football participants.

Cleopatra at the young age of 35 has studied in and obtain a Masters in law from the UK and
is currently called to the bar in New York State, USA as well as the Ghana bar. She is one of
the few practicing Ghanaian lawyers under the age of 40 to have achieved this feat.

Cleopatra is currently a corporate and commercial lawyer who provides highly subsidized legal services to start-ups and young businesses looking for legal support. She also acts as legal counsel to a wide range of both local and international businesses.

As a result of her exposure to the international legal community, Cleopatra is an
entrepreneur who specialises in legal tech.

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